The People Behind the Product


With Broker's Ally, customer service isn't just the software's built-in ease of use or the comprehensive Help System. It really begins with people... a full staff of sales and support people, backed by a corporate programming and administrative staff. You're not just buying a software program; you're buying the support of our entire company! Call 215-947-7725 or e-mail or

Software Support Policy 

Scherrer Resources, Inc. is committed to providing timely and effective support for its clients. This is accomplished by the assignment of experienced software product representatives and customer support technicians. Product telephone support is available from your sales representative and the help desk by telephone from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Standard time Monday through Friday except for national holidays. Telephone support is FREE for the first 30 days after purchase at 215-947-7725 and is available for a fee thereafter on a toll free 800 number.

Software Support Options 


Tier 1 Support - The Platinum Service Pack: This premium service includes two free shipments per year of our then current version, plus Ally Newsletter, 800 phone line access and priority 24 hour fax back service. The annual cost of support through this Platinum Service is $305 for the Standard level, $355 for Gold level, $405 for the Portfolio level, plus $295 per each network user. Perfect for the heavy-duty user.


Tier 2 Support - The Support Plus Pack: The annual cost of technical support through this Support Plus Pack is $150 for the Standard level, $200 for Gold level, $250 for the Portfolio level, $295 for Network level, and $350 for the Network Portfolio level. Subscribe to this if you want to power up your computer usage. All levels include the Ally Newsletter. FREE e-mail support is always available with 48 hour turn-around at

Quick Pay Method 

Scherrer Resources, Inc. is committed to providing timely, secure, encrypted and effective payment support for its clients. To expedite payment we provide this online button. Simply use credit, debit , PayPal or other convenient payment methods. 

Our Corporate Team is Ready to Support You 

Scherrer Resources, Inc. is a Pennsylvania corporation and our team is led by CEO founder Jim Scherrer, and includes application software developers, web masters, help desk technicians, analysts, and account representatives assigned to each of our licensees. Help Desk Technician can be reached at 215-699-4247 or contact 

Training in Use of Broker's Ally- An Investment in Improved Business Income

Do you want to grow your business and increase your income? Do you want to have the ability to have your call back list at your fingertips and search for certain clients at the drop of a hat? Statistics show that most financial advisors only use about 20% of the features of Broker's Ally. Broker's Ally is a comprehensive CRM solution that includes mailing lists, call lists, custom user fields and interest fields, note taking with date and time stamps along with reports and mailing labels for instant data retrieval for viewing and printing. If you are interested in learning more about the features you might not be using in the software, please contact us to schedule a fun and easy training session; it's only $100 per hour and has a great return on investment of time in improved business outcomes. We look forward to hearing from you via e-mail to

On the Broker's Ally Software Team, we're fascinated with what people have done using the Broker's Ally application to build business. Happy users have come up with some really amazing growth outcomes! Lately, we've also been paying a lot of attention to how people use various features. We looked at whether the application has stumbling points (and where they are), what common features every user wants in their CRM application, and what tricky areas need deeper explanations than we can give by replying to e-mail or phone calls. As a result of identifying these areas, we've written a few in-depth technical articles or Bulletins in the docs above. Each is meant as a "Deep Dive" into a specific topic, and is available here online in an easy to use format on our Resources web page. Take some time to review all the links to online bulletins, documents and application articles coming out of our workshop.

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